A Timeless Community Contribution… Literally

It’s the waining weeks of the first month in a new year… a time when reality sets in and commitment to the most well-intentioned resolutions can be supplanted with work woes, family obligations, or any of life’s other precious little roadblocks.

So, consider it a favor to your most ideal self and take an easy route to bettering the lives of those in your community… without giving up a Saturday (just yet).

Here’s your quick and calendar-free way to give back, now:

  1. Pick a cause that’s close to home… literally. Impactonline.org has a great search engine that allows you to insert your zip code and keyword (i.e. homeless, children, hungry, education) to target local non-profit organizations that could use your time, or, more topical, cash. If you don’t have a specific cause in mind, think outside the box and consider donating to your local public radio or television station, making a loan to entrepreneurs in your city or abroad, or, pick an organization close to a family or friend and donate in their name. The more you look for opportunities to give back, the stronger a connection you’ll feel to the community and improve your ability to pin-point a cause to lend your support.
  2. Open your wallet. If you’re not sure how much to give, call the organization and talk to a program associate about the intent behind your donation. For example, if you want to feed a family of four for a full week, ask how much it costs the organization to provide that amount of food. If you want to save yourself the annual anguish of an unfulfilled resolution, ask about monthly subscription-based donations and make a financial commitment that you can be proud of all year round.
  3. Sit back, feel fabulous, and prepare to take the next step… yes, volunteering your time. Look for a follow-up post on Dilly Daily for more details on ramping up your contribution to those who need it most. Consider your monetary donation a down-payment on future action. While you’re at it, share the news with your friends and spread the good tithings.

Ready… set… spend!

…and don’t forget to save your receipts for the tax man.


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