Changing Directions

When I started the Dilly Daily some 1.4 trillion years ago, the goal was to get me writing again and writing often. As you can see by the number of published posts, that didn’t exactly happen.

I got caught up in the crafting, the proofing, and the ‘is this line funny enough?’. While I was busy trying to achieve what I thought I should be creating, rather than getting out there and just building, I lost sight of what was a really important and worthwhile goal. To stretch and push myself out of my normal internal dialogue, the one that can be limiting by virtue of its impossible standards, and get comfortable with enjoying the process of something. The trial, the error, the success… there can’t be success without trial and those of you in my same boat know that there are often too many boxes on the checklist to even get to the trail stage before motivation dwindles.

So this is my new direction, a promise to myself from today forward… to use the Dilly Daily for what it was intended: a space where I can take time out each day and reflect on life. Everyday. Just a little. To say that I don’t have an hour to sit quietly with a glass of coffee in the morning or wine at night and just type is an excuse that does me a disservice.

To support this change in direction, my new mantras will be:

  1. practice, not perfection
  2. wow… ok, looks like number one sums it up.

More might come as I move along in this new project, but for now I think that giving myself permission to just write what flows and not worry about syntax or perfect-pitch hilarity will be enough to get me out of the gate.

Day one: check!


One thought on “Changing Directions

  1. Nora says:

    Fact: your writing is hilarious. don’t stress about it, you’re a lucky one, it comes naturally, can’t help god given talent (that’s what tom brady would say) 🙂

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