Things That I Love: Walking Home From Work, Edition

  • Watching the sky as clouds rush at top-speed from the ocean to the bay (note: 9 times out of 10, replace ‘clouds’ with ‘dense fog’ for a more accurate depiction).
  • Getting hit with a blast of cold wind at the top of California Street’s sweat-inducing uphill battle. I ask you, is there greater proof of nature’s intelligent design? I think not.
  • Making it to the top of Nob Hill just as the bells of Grace Cathedral chime 6 o’clock.
  • Completely normal neighbors working out in Huntington Square park… by ‘working out’ I mean dancing-like-nobody’s-watching, and by ‘normal’ I mean by SF standards…
  • Beating the cable car home and saving the $6 for tomorrow’s breakfast burrito. Win.

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