Things That I Love: Views Like This, Edition


Finding out last minute that you have to cancel your Thirsty Thursday plans for an off-site work meeting (especially when said TT plans include watching your good friend go to the highest bidder at auction… no, this isn’t a euphemism… it was for charity, sickos!) is never fun.

Thank goodness there are redeeming factors to mitigate the tragedy of such a situation, namely:
• unspoken citywide dress code that allows a maxi-dress and flats to pass as professional attire,
• workday flexibility that permits me to leave the office a half hour early and meander the mile to my meeting (thus avoiding Muni, like a gangster… a gangster who really appreciates nature and early 19th century architecture), and
• being rewarded at the end of it all with a destination like the one pictured above.

Today I learned that work ain’t so bad, even when displacing better-made plans, when you’re under a willow tree in the middle of downtown SF.


One thought on “Things That I Love: Views Like This, Edition

  1. Alex Mozes says:

    Holy Heck is that beautiful We should go there more often.

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