What I’m Reading: She’s Clearly Turning 30, Edition


Don’t worry, the full pre-mid-life crisis will be covered in a dedicated post to come shortly… in the meantime we can look at my current reading list and let it speak for itself:

Michael Pollen’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma because I don’t feel as terrible about myself as I should for the truck-load of meat I consume on a daily basis coupled with my penchant for bargain shopping (read: the animals I’m eating probably aren’t coming from a long, leisured life lived on a beautiful midwestern pasture).

Place: about halfway through, a vast improvement on the first 30 pages which I had read, re-read, and re-re-read over the last two years. Impact: Shockingly (or perhaps not-so since I’m still in the active reading stage…), the reading of this book has coincided with a sharp decrease in my hyper-hankering for meat. Still a proud meat eater, but do I really need it at every meal? No. I don’t.

Amanda, meet vegetables: vegetables enjoy sun, water, and relaxing in the ‘patch with rows of their buddies. Vegetables, meet Amanda: Amanda hates the sun and has to set a calendar reminder to drink the minimum recommended amount of water daily. I’m sure you two will find something in common over the next 30 years.

Gary Vee’s Crush It because I really should get off my duff and learn how to leverage social media to capitalize on my personal brand, right after I figure out what my personal brand is. You can see how this indulges my newfound and constant self-interrogation: ‘Who am I?’, ‘What is my purpose?’, ‘How can I connect with humanity on a deeper, more meaningful level?’… and ‘Oh my god, do I even like humanity!? What kind of jerk am I?’.

Place: halfway (yes, that’s a trend… reading two books simultaneously makes for consistently poor progress). Impact: I just spent the morning creating a Twitter account, @thedillydaily. Yes, a Twitter account. Despite feeling a little silly and completely out of place… no, that’s it, I’ve yet to find the upside necessary to finish this sentence. Will keep you posted.

Am bummed starting a Twitter account doesn’t make me a Twihard… but that probably speaks more to the gravity of my pre-mid-life crisis than either of the books I’m currently reading.


8 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: She’s Clearly Turning 30, Edition

  1. Nora says:

    Andrew loves to joke saying what if we discovered that vegetables feel an insane amount of pain upon being uprooted. Jerk.

    And you can’t be having a midlife crisis, we’re too young. Quarter life?

    • Amanda says:

      oh my god, he covers that in the book doesn’t he?! luckily I only have so much bandwidth to care about these things and, as evidenced by the picture of my lunch I sent you earlier today, animals are beating out veggies on my protected list, but not by much.

  2. A midlife crisis is fabulous-you get to make changes and re-assess! I say go for it! It’s like my two weeks after a break up, except you are left more healthy!

    And just wait until the corn chapters, I loved those! (note-no one else did, so don’t feel pressure)

    Vegetables are delicious! Just think of eggplant in drunken noodles!

    • Amanda says:

      I hated the corn chapters!! The ones that make up the first third of the book, yes? I won’t lie, I read about 70% and skimmed the rest. Once he finally got to the livestock and ranch-hands I started paying attention again.

      Drunken noodles, yum!

  3. Icek Mozes says:

    Pre-mid-life? I can’t wait!

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