There Are People Creative Enough to Make Upscale Furniture from Wooden Crates


It’s true. See above. Equal parts inspiring and obnoxious. Mostly inspiring… but, let’s face it, a little obnoxious when something that was once used to transport your produce from the central valley is sold back to you for $350.

Coming off a weekend spent at the Alameda Antiques Market, where we walked miles of stalls filled with handmade and reclaimed treasures, may have given us a false sense of confidence in our design skills. And selling a couple pieces to make room for new, improved, but non-existent replacement furniture may have been somewhat hasty.

As I sit in our considerably emptier living room, in what feels a bit more dormitory-drab than hipster-chic, I console myself with the knowledge that shock will soon turn into excitement over the possibilities that a new space represents. There are design blogs to review, opinions to be heard, and sales to be sniffed out and taken advantage of!

Until then, it helps to remember that there are people on this planet who can turn a few wooden crates into a drool-worthy cabinet and hutch.


3 thoughts on “There Are People Creative Enough to Make Upscale Furniture from Wooden Crates

  1. Nora says:

    They need to give you a Nobel Prize for brightsiding.

  2. Chris says:

    I agree with Nora up there. I think obnoxious outweighs inspiring by a country mile on that seesaw!

    • Amanda says:

      I want to agree, but every time I start to see it as fully obnoxious a little voice in my head (judgement-free zone, people) taunts me about why I’m not doing it then… really, I’d just like someone with a good eye for design and spacial awareness to take my apartment under their wing and make it beautiful… wooden crates or no wooden crates.

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