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Feed Me, Fall!

An unfortunate incident involving myself, a pair of pants, and a lunch meeting today has landed me in front of the computer googling healthy fall recipes and elastic…

Kidding aside, it’s time to get this train back on track. It’s amazing what a few weeks of work travel, a special-occasion friend visit (although I’m pretty sure calories don’t count when Nora visits SF), and a weekend away to celebrate 12 months and counting of matrimonial bliss can do to your resolve to eat well-ish and exercise regularly.

Thankfully, I’ve been talked off the cleanse ledge… although I’d be lying if I said that my web browser didn’t currently have the following tabs open: ‘diy juice cleanse’ google search, first person narrative about some adorable but irritatingly tiny chick’s diy cleanse, and this article on diy detoxing. As tempting as these things look (and by ‘tempting’ I mean that they’ve all convinced me I’d be more willing to pay through the nose for bottles of juice to magically show up at my door than wage war with a juicer I don’t even currently own), I’ve been on solids for years now and realistically don’t see myself throwing all that hard work out the window now.

So instead I’m currently drooling over the following (and trying to convince myself that I’m man enough to tackle the mid-week grocery shopping required to make any of these a reality). I will not do pizza again this week… I will not! Besides, why would I when I could eat:

Great. Now it’s 10:30 and I want to raid the kitchen… probably not the ideal outcome after researching healthy eats to curb the amazing expanse of my bottom half, but I probably could have predicted this would happen.


TTIL: Michelle’s Wardrobe Strategy

I love knowing that when I visit my girlfriend — especially on a Sunday — I get to see her entire weekly wardrobe laid out in perfectly organized fashion on the back of her bathroom door hook. That’s right, weekly. Michelle is a full-week advance planner… and it pays off. Here is what I’m going to try and repurpose for my own still-trying-to-break-out-of-adolesence-at-30 existence:

1. the forethought of planning outfits ahead means more time in the morning for eyeshadow and other adult primpings (read: more time for coffee and a healthy helping of oatmeal… fine, breakfast burrito)

2. never forgetting an adorable accessory means that I won’t feel naked at that meeting when I show up in my casual-cool attire without the statement necklace that makes the whole thing work appropriate

3. finally, and most importantly, I won’t waste 20 minutes on Thursday wondering if I already wore that blouse earlier in the week… god, I hate that.

In summation, it’s time to get grown-up about my wardrobe. Thankfully, my friend Michelle has all the OCD trappings of a total success story in that department. Thanks, Michelle.

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