TTIL: Michelle’s Wardrobe Strategy

I love knowing that when I visit my girlfriend — especially on a Sunday — I get to see her entire weekly wardrobe laid out in perfectly organized fashion on the back of her bathroom door hook. That’s right, weekly. Michelle is a full-week advance planner… and it pays off. Here is what I’m going to try and repurpose for my own still-trying-to-break-out-of-adolesence-at-30 existence:

1. the forethought of planning outfits ahead means more time in the morning for eyeshadow and other adult primpings (read: more time for coffee and a healthy helping of oatmeal… fine, breakfast burrito)

2. never forgetting an adorable accessory means that I won’t feel naked at that meeting when I show up in my casual-cool attire without the statement necklace that makes the whole thing work appropriate

3. finally, and most importantly, I won’t waste 20 minutes on Thursday wondering if I already wore that blouse earlier in the week… god, I hate that.

In summation, it’s time to get grown-up about my wardrobe. Thankfully, my friend Michelle has all the OCD trappings of a total success story in that department. Thanks, Michelle.


2 thoughts on “TTIL: Michelle’s Wardrobe Strategy

  1. Nora says:

    I love that I was there for the creation of this post. and yes, we all want to be Michelle when we grow up.

    • Amanda says:

      that Michelle… always raising the bar. except that I lived with you for a couple years and you totally win at picking your outfits out the day before! gotcha! take that, Nora’s modesty.

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