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Pumpkin 2.0: Pumpkin Mac & Cheese

Shocker, the pumpkin I roasted last night (after ravaging it for seeds) didn’t suck! It needed a good bit of brown sugar, but I’m not entirely sure that I ever liked the taste of unadulterated pumpkin so I’m not holding that against myself.

I got about a cup of pumpkin from the roasting and I knew instantly that if I didn’t immediately use it in a recipe I was going to pass it over every day until it went bad in the fridge.

So! I found a recipe that a. looked amazing and b. I had nearly every ingredient for in my kitchen: one pot pasta with pumpkin. Before stopping home I grabbed some cream and Parmesan at the corner store (yeah, yeah, a fridge without Parmesan is super depressing but I have a newborn baby and I’m blaming it on her because she can’t talk yet) and I was ready to go.

20 minutes after Ellie went down for bed, Alex and I were sitting down to a super tasty dinner of what is basically pumpkin macaroni and cheese. It tasted like pepper and fall and was so freaking good! 

Big win. There’s some leftover if you want to stop by and try it, Nora 🙂




First Non-Baby Post: Pumpkins!

Does this post lose its non-baby status if I call attention to its non-baby content in the title?

While you think about that, let’s talk about pumpkins!! When the world refuses to give me wind and rain and weather that begs for a fire in the fireplace, I have to look for fall in other places. Tonight, I found fall in a mini pumpkin.

I had been googling recipes for pumpkin seeds and getting my appetite all hot and bothered when I realized that because of daylight savings, it was only 7pm and I had more than enough time to make this thing happen tonight. So, I decided to crack open one of my decorative little pumpkins after my other little pumpkin finally went down (sidenote: babies don’t ‘get’ daylight savings and that really sucks when you’ve spent 30 years thinking, ‘spring forward, fall back… back! yes! an extra hour of sleep!!’). 

After I axed the thing open, I picked my seasonings (too much garlic salt and cayenne) and baked up some seeds. It only took about half an hour — way less than I thought — and the crispy little guys paired perfectly with the smug satisfaction I felt as I sat down to eat them all.

Bonus: I had more than enough time to try roasting the actual pumpkin! It’s in the oven now and, honestly, I’m not feeling super confident in my ability to pull off a two pumpkin success night. But either way I’ve got enough residual smug and good fall feelings from the seeds to keep me going until at least Thanksgiving… I’m easy that way.

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