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Out Came the Sun and Dried Up All the Rain

…and the itsy-bitsy people came out to play again!

Corny, yes. But as I sit here getting drunk on vitamin D in Golden Gate Park, I can’t really help but be anything less than giddy.

It’s back, people! The sun, obviously… and with it comes a whole host of fabulous things: dry meadows, tank tops, and no more leaky roof and accompanying ant infestations. San Francisco is beautiful in any weather, but I think it’s safe to say its many public treasures are best enjoyed served hot.

Today Alex and I are lazing about, catching up on some reading, and getting in on the outter richmond/sunset fun we left behind when we moved to nob hill. It’s been a blast so far, and, like so many other wonderful things, it all started with good food…

There’s a perfect farmers market pop-up just south of 9th and Irving Street on Sundays until around 1pm. Being Sunday, the magical free-for-all parking day, grab a spot anywhere in or up and down the park and mender over for fresh fruits and veggies, baked goods (vegan mini cupcakes? Yes, please!), handmade soaps and other tasty treats.

From there, pick up some picnic grub (we went with Gordo’s, never a bad choice) and head into the park. The botanical gardens meet you right off the 9th street entrance and are free… that’s right, free… for residents with I.D. — if you’re from out of town, a worthwhile $7 gets you into this sensory-overload wonderland of themed gardens from around the world, tiny paths, stone walls, open meadows, birds, scampering things, birch trees and bushes bigger than a muni bus.

Now, park it and take it all in… the sun, the birds, the perfection. Hold that stance for a count of one, two, three…

As soon as the bf wakes up from his post-burrito nap, the options are limitless… walk through the park (a majority of which is closed to cars on Sundays), check out what’s on show at the de Young and Academy of Science museums, stroll through the buffalo pens, duck ponds, and frisbee course. Eventually, we’ll arrive at the beach and grab a cocktail or home brew at Park Chalet before heading back to the car.

All in all, a 4-5 mile trip that will fly by before you know it. Stocked up on enough vitamin D to last a work week worth of indoor desk jockeying, you’ll be happy you came out to welcome the sunshine back into spring.

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